123Loadboard understands that fuel accounts for up to 40% of a trucking company's operating expense, and that lots of shippers and brokers offer great freight but not a great fuel advance option. That's where 123 Fuel Advance comes in! 123Loadboard has partnered with Thunder Funding to offer the industry's leading fuel advance program. With rates starting at just $10.00 and 7 day a week service, it can't be beat!

Here's how it works

  1. Sign-up by completing the form
  2. Book a load posted on 123Loadboard and then submit your Rate Confirmation and BOL's by snapping a picture on your smartphone (or send via email)
  3. Receive up to 50% of the freight rate within minutes by express code, wire, or Thunder Fuel Card

123 Fuel Advance Rates: 

  • $10.00 - advances of less than $500
  • $20.00 - advances between $500- $2000
  • $25.00 - advances more than $2000


Or call 877-873-8357 to speak with a 123 Fuel Advance expert!

Program Rules:

  • First load - maximum of $500, after that up to 50% of rate sheet.
  • Load must be on the truck (but not delivered) before sending documents.
  • Any check or payments received must be submitted to Thunder Funding. Do not cash.
  • Completed paperwork must be sent to Thunder Funding within 10 days.
  • Carriers receiving 123 Fuel Advance cannot take additional advances from broker or shipper.

The quick turnaround time of the fuel advances saves my drivers time at the pump, and with service 7 days a week I can count on them to always have my back.”

Larry George Riolo Transportation