Tax AnD Accounting Service

Let's face it, running a trucking company comes with many challenges, especially when you're on the road. That's where the Thunder Funding Tax & Accounting Service comes in. We offer a tax & accounting service that keeps you focused on the road ahead while we take care of the rest. Monthly financial statements with competitor benchmarking and profit analysis along with tax preparation and filing are all included for the small fee of $19.00 per week.

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Business Consulting

When you partner with Thunder Funding for your tax and accounting service you are assigned a dedicated business consultant to provide financial guidance for all your goals and needs. By discussing your current fianacial situation and goals, we are then able to create an individual and personalized business plan that will help guide your success.

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Tax Preparation & Filing

Compiling tax information come tax season can be time-consuming and challenging. Your dedicated consultant will take every legal deduction off your taxes and make it as simple as possible for you.
We provide you with a deduction list that will help you identify which items are tax deductible for your business. If you have a receipt for any of these item, just send them over to your dedicated consultant and they will prepare your state and federal taxes.

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Monthly Financial Statement

The receipts you send us will also allow us to create your monthly financial statements, which will provide you with invaluable information about your business including:
Benchmarking: We will show you how well your business is performing compared to your peers in the industry. This will highlight where your business is excelling and also show you which areas you can improve upon and ultimately put more money in your pocket.
Profit Analysis: Your business consultant will analyze your revenue and expense reports and extract the most important information for you.

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**Thunder Funding Tax & Accounting Service is for 2023 and future years. However, if you still need to file your 2022 taxes, no problem! For a flat fee of $250 we will do it for you.

How It Works

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Fill out the Recurring Payments Form for payments that remain the same from month to month.

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Save all of your business receipts and store them in a safe area.

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Scan your receipts each week to your business consultant using the Transflo Mobile+ app or Transflo Express.

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Ready to process! QBS will create a financial statement, key performance indicators, and summary analysis.

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Your QBS consultant will call to review the information and discuss ways to help you improve.